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Surface Modification of Glass Beads with an Aminosilane Monolayer

Gülşin ARSLAN1, Mustafa ÖZMEN1, Beniz GÜNDÜZ1,
Xunli ZHANG2 and Mustafa ERSÖZ1
1Department of Chemistry, Selcuk University, Campus,
42075 Konya-TURKEY
2Department of Chemistry, Hull University, Hull HU6 7RX, U.K.

Abstract: Surface modification of glass beads with a self-assembled monolayer of (3-Aminopropyl)-triethoxysilane (APTES) was investigated. Characterisation of the self-assembled monolayer was confirmed by a reaction between amine terminal groups and thionylchloride of Rhodamine-B dye using fluorescence microscopy. Quantitative 3-dimensional profiling was obtained for all modification processes by converting microscopic images to numerical values. The reaction steps were also analysed using infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).

Key Words: Glass beads, surface modification, self-assembled monolayer, silanisation

Turk. J. Chem., 30, (2006), 203-210.
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