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Ramifications of Lineland

Daniel GRUMILLER1, Rene MEYER1,2
1Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Leipzig Augustusplatz 10-11,
D-04109 Leipzig-GERMANY
e-mail: grumiller@itp.uni-leipzig.de
2Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences Inselstrasse 22,
D-04103 Leipzig-GERMANY
e-mail: Rene.Meyer@itp.uni-leipzig.de

Abstract: A non-technical overview on gravity in two dimensions is provided. Applications discussed in this work comprise 2D type 0A/0B string theory, Black Hole evaporation/thermodynamics, toy models for quantum gravity, for numerical General Relativity in the context of critical collapse and for solid state analogues of Black Holes. Mathematical relations to integrable models, non-linear gauge theories, Poisson-sigma models, KdV surfaces and non-commutative geometry are presented.

Key Words: Black Holes in String Theory, 2D Gravity, Integrable Models.

Turk. J. Phys., 30, (2006), 349-378.
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